We participate in efforts to define, promote and protect community interests, and advance the involvement of area residents in matters of common interest to the community.

We actively monitor developments and other situations that are either proposed or in progress to ensure that they are consistent with the character of our community.

When necessary, we act as a spokesperson for the community on matters of concern.

We regularly advise and assist residents on many matters requiring our City Councillor or involving the City’s Committee of Adjustment, building inspectors, by-law enforcement, urban forestry, roads and traffic, animal services, public health and other municipal services when local issues and concerns arise.

The broad Objects of York Mills Gardens Community Association are more formally stated on the first page of our Constitution document. These are as follows:

(a)   To promote and advance matters of interest to residents and municipal taxpayers of the area in the City of Toronto known as York Mills Gardens;

(b)  To protect residents and municipal taxpayers in the York Mills Gardens area through joint action of members of the Association;

(c)   To gather information concerning development proposals and proposed changes to the official  plan and zoning by-laws affecting the York Mills Gardens area, and to take necessary action as determined by the Association;

(d)  To research and review problems connected with the ownership, development, management, financing and promotion of real property in the York Mills Gardens area; and

(e)  Such other complementary purposes that are not inconsistent with these objects.